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Malabar climbing spinach landscape shot.

Welcome to
Blackwood Permaculture



Edible Garden Design


Edible gardens can be ornamental too. We work with home gardeners to commercial properties to create visually stunning yet productive foodscapes.

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One on one advice

Love growing your own fruit and vegetables but you need a bit of advice? We're here to help. Talk to us about what to plant, when to plant, how to plant, pests and diseases, design ideas, soil health, composting, worm farms, black soldier fly farms, incorporating animals into the garden, closed loop systems and more!

Basic: 2 hour walk and talk (no follow-up information) - $200

In-depth: 4 hours on-site to discuss requirements. Follow-up material may include a summary, fact sheets and advice on ongoing care - $500

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Fruit Tree Pruning and Care

Fruit Production

Blackwood can teach you simple techniques to maintain the health of your fruit trees and shrubs and to maximise fruit production, year after year. Or you can simply have us do it for you!

$85 p/h for once-off visits, or $75 p/h for ongoing care and maintenance

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Permaculture-based care of your edibles

Let the experts at Blackwood take care of your edible garden so you don't have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is harvest your nutrient dense, fresh, unique, organic and unbelievably delicious edible produce when it's ripe and ready to go!

$75 p/h for ongoing care and maintenance


About Blackwood

Creating Edible Abundance

At Blackwood, we're all about designing and maintaining aesthetically stunning foodscapes to meet the ever increasing desire for people to have fresh, local, sustainable, organic and seasonal produce. By doing this we can have the highest quality produce with greater variation and with more unusual ingredients at our very fingertips. 


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Call or Message Us:  0424 184 485


"I use Blackwood on a regular basis - they look after our orchard. There's actually nobody else that we've found that has the same skillset that's also hard working, reliable and trustworthy (and at a reasonable price!)"


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